Summer Travel Essential: Raden’s High-Tech, Low-Fuss Luggage Makes Getting There Half the Fun

Whether you’re off to the beach, lake, mountains or countryside this summer, one thing’s for sure: pure and utter relaxation awaits at your final destination.

Unfortunately, with long lines, outrageous fees and chaotic baggage claims standing between you and your paradise, getting there can sometimes feel like the opposite of a vacation, regardless of how long the trek may be.

Enter Raden, a smart luggage company that fuses best-in-class materials with cutting-edge technology to create sleek, sophisticated baggage that actually makes getting there half the fun.

Now open at The Grove through June 28, Raden is making “the case for better travel,” thanks to interactive technology that saves travelers time, money and headaches. With genius features such as a built-in charger, integrated scale and location awareness, it’s no wonder A-list fans like Gigi Hadid, Oprah and Jessica Alba won’t venture too far from home without one.

Before ramping up for our summer voyages, we met up with Thomas Isen, Director of Communications and Development at Raden, to learn more about the future of luggage and how it’s transforming travel as we know it today.

What’s the number-one feature customers love most?
Number one is the customer service built within the app. Raden gives people a new way to communicate with their luggage company that’s never been done before. From the moment you pair your bag with the app, you have an immediate connection to us, and we’ll be able to answer any questions you may have 24 hours a day, whether it be about the tech or general care of the product.

Why is the scale feature such a lifesaver?
Americans in 2015 paid $3.5 billion in baggage overweight fees, so we’re really trying to help travelers avoid that fee with our scale feature that lets you weigh your luggage before you get to the airport. It also eliminates that embarrassing moment when you have to open your bag and unpack all your stuff (underwear and all!) in front of complete strangers.

…And the location-awareness and charging features?
The location feature is also amazing because it allows travelers who check a bag to see if their luggage actually made it onto the plane with them, so we’re either giving people piece of mind or a heart attack depending on whether their luggage is on the plane. You also can track your bag at baggage claim and see when it’s coming before you physically see it, so you know exactly when to call your Uber.

As for the charging, everyone’s experienced that moment at the airport when they desperately need to charge their phones and are huddling around a shared outlet. We allow people to avoid that by simply plugging into their suitcase. Just charge the suitcase overnight, and you’ll have enough charge to get you through an entire journey.

What’s the most popular piece on the market right now?
The light pink A22 size. We were one of “Oprah’s Favorite Things” last holiday season, which led us to having a waitlist of over 10,000 people. The black is also incredibly popular for both sexes.

What’s the perfect piece for a short weekend getaway?
Our A22 carry-on is the perfect piece. At 8.4 pounds, it’s the lightest smart luggage on the market. We call it the three-night bag. It has all of our top features, including the phone charge, location awareness and scale so you can see how much it weighs and avoid those pesky overweight fees.

…And for international or longer journeys?
For longer trips we have our A28 check-in bag, which has all the same features as our A22 carry-on, but it’s much larger, making it great for ten nights or more.

Tell us about your colors.
Raden luggage comes in a variety of colors. We call it the Raden Rainbow. Raden brought a range of new colors to luggage that nobody was doing before, like light pink and lavender.

Speaking of rainbow colors, we love your wall! How else are you celebrating Pride this month?
Knowing we were opening our pop-up at The Grove in June, we wanted to honor Pride by partnering with the wonderful organization Outfest, which promotes LGBT inclusion on screen. So, while we’re here, The Grove and Raden will be donating 20% of all proceeds to Outfest, which we’re very excited about.

Looking to upgrade to first-class luggage? Swing by the Raden pop-up, located near the fountain through June 28, and be sure to snap a selfie against the rainbow wall #ColorMeRaden.

For more Pride fun, visit us on June 25 for an evening of live music and film, presented by The Original Farmers Market and The Grove. The celebration will feature a Donna Summer Experience by Raniere Martin with the Boogie Down Band at The Farmers Market Plaza, followed by a sunset screening of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, located on Gilmore Lane at 8:30 pm.

Father’s Day Gifts by Personality: One-of-a-Kind Gifts for the One-of-a-Kind Dad

When it comes to dads, no two of them are the exact same, yet all of them are impossible to shop for, especially on Father’s Day when the pressure is really on.

While there may not exist a one-size-fits-all Father’s Day gift solution, The Grove has something special for every type of father, no matter how unique (or picky) he may be.

Show pops he’s number one with these second-to-none gift ideas, now trending a​t The Grove.

When ties and golf balls won’t do the trick, look to the cool new tech toys on the block to turn dad’s smile up a few megawatts.

Snapchat Spectacles
Snatch up a pair of Snapchat Spectacles, now dispensing at the Snapbot. Each pair features a built-in HD camera that lets you record video in a 115-degree field of view (much wider than your average phone) and upload it to Snapchat. Dad will look cool wearing them and feel even cooler sharing his Snaps. Available at the Snapbot vending machine, located near the fountain ($130).

Raden Luggage
A favorite among celebrities, Raden makes travel a more seamless and enjoyable experience with sleek, cutting-edge luggage equipped with charge capabilities and built-in scale and location awareness features. As for what to get dad? “The matching A50 Set is the way to go,” says Thomas Isen, Director of Communications and Development at Raden. “You get the A22 [Carry] and the A28 [Check] for $95 off what you would spend individually.” In terms of color, Isen recommends the navy matte or hunter matte. Available at the Raden pop-up, now through June 28 ($595).

Got a dad who secretly enjoys shopping for himself? Show him good taste runs in the family by gifting these cool-dad essentials. 

Illesteva Wynwood II Sunnies
Illesteva’s handmade-in-Italy, fiery-hot Wynwood II round-frame sunglasses turn the fashion dial up a few notches with their red mirrored lenses, sleek frame and sculptural brow bar. Added bonus for mom: they’re unisex and ultra-flattering on all face shapes. Available at Illesteva ($175).


Le Labo Made-to-Order Scents
Forgo the conventional bottle of over-powering, chemical-laden cologne in favor of a “soulful” scent made fresh for dad, right at the time of purchase. Crafted from the highest-quality ingredients and formulated by men who understand firsthand how guys actually want to smell, each fragrance is destined to become a new signature scent. When shopping for dad, consider top-sellers like Santal 33, Vetiver 46 and Bergamote 22. For a personalized touch, Le Labo will customize your label with dad’s name. Available at Le Labo ($78+). 

PAIGE Becker Shirt
Father’s Day is a great time to start introducing easy-breezy separates into dad’s summer wardrobe. For shirts, The Becker from PAIGE is your guy. Available in a couple of equally versatile prints (our favorite is the preppy-retro Blue Sail Pace), The Becker features a cuffed sleeve and single pocket, and can be paired with almost anything for an effortlessly cool and classic summer look. Available at PAIGE, $169.


If dad’s idea of the perfect Father’s Day kicks off with a five-mile run and a few hundred burpees (all before breakfast), these picks will really get his heart racing.

Save dad from the tangled mess of wired headphones during his workouts with Apple’s game-changing AirPods. Just pop them in, tap and enjoy five hours of talking and listening on a single charge. AirPods pair seamlessly with all Apple products including your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. Available at Apple, ($159).

Shinola + St. Pierre Bocce Ball Set
The perfect Father’s Day activity and gift rolled into one, this tournament-grade bocce set features solid, one-piece construction balls crafted of thermoset resin for precision roundness and balance. Available at Shinola, $250.

Halcyon Days Enamels from Great Britain Golf Box
Got a dad who eats, sleeps and breathes golf? You’ll hit a hole in one with this beautiful, leather-lined keepsake from Halcyon Days. Available at Lucy Zahran & Co. ($545). 

For the dad who’s saved every handmade piece of art you’ve created for him since the day you could hold a crayon, you can’t go wrong with these priceless and thoughtful gestures. 

Outdoor Picnic at The Grove
Treat dad to a relaxing and memorable picnic in The Park coordinated by Parkside Concierge. Swing by to reserve your chairs and order a delicious meal from a handful of your favorite Grove restaurants including Ladurée, The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge, Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill, and Bar Verde (along with additional treats like s’mores and fondue!). Parkside Concierge will deliver your food, provide you with an iPad to stream movies and shows from Netflix, and help you arrange games and activities like cornhole, life-size Jenga and more. Visit Parkside Concierge, located next to Pressed Juicery, to make arrangements.

Daddy/Daughter Celebration at American Girl Place
What could be a better Father’s Day treat than a special outing with your girl? Together, you’ll savor a delicious meal in the café and make new memories both of you will cherish. Your together-time will fly by with a fun dice game and a make-your-own “memory board” craft. Plus, you’ll receive a spiral book to record the best moments of your daddy/daughter outing, as well as a picture frame. $36 per person (gratuity not included); reservations required. For girls ages 8 and up. Please note, prepaid event reservations are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Call 877.247.5223 to make reservations. 

If the way to your dad’s heart is through his stomach, these culinary treats are sure to hit the bullseye.

Wherever Dual Fuel Grill
Keep dad grill-happy 365 days a year with the Wherever Dual Fuel Grill from Crate & Barrel. A combination charcoal and electric grill, it’s the first portable fuel grill of its kind, and works perfectly for backyard cookouts, picnics and sporting events alike. Plus, don’t be fooled by its compact size: It features 176 square inches of cooking space to cook up some serious flavor. Available at Crate & Barrel ($79.95).

Sushi Sundae Sunday
Father’s Day is also Sushi Sundae Sunday at Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill!  In between shopping and catching a movie, treat dad to fresh sushi with a summer twist: a handroll “cone” with your favorite fish and toppings, each for $8. Available from 2 – 5 pm, outside of Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill. 


Sprinkles DAD Box
A sweet gift that’s guaranteed to earn you brownie points? The Sprinkles DAD box, filled with a dozen vanilla milk chocolate, red velvet, black and white, and salty caramel cupcakes. Available at Sprinkles Cupcakes ($45+).

6 Power Moms, 1 Perfect Mother’s Day: How to Shower Mom with Love and Style This May 14

Superhero, best friend, confidant and role model—these are just some of the many hats moms wear in a day. Given all the love and support they show their family 365 days a year, it’s no wonder planning the perfect Mother’s Day can be a little overwhelming.

If you’re stumped on how to shower mom with the love she deserves, look no further. Here, six of L.A.’s most stylish and influential leading ladies share quick tips on planning the perfect Mother’s Day outing and shopping for meaningful gifts that will capture her heart.

From handmade cards and photo albums, to cozy cashmere and colorful macarons, when it comes to celebrating mom in style, these trendsetting mothers definitely know best.

Natalie is a fashion editor and mother based in Los Angeles. Previously the Senior Editor of Racked LA, Natalie’s work also can be found in the pages of Vogue, Elle and Bullett, just to name a few. In 2014, she founded 
Fashion Mamas LA, a members-only network for stylish local moms working in the fashion industry.

What’s the most special Mother’s Day gift you’ve received to date?
For my first Mother’s Day, my husband surprised me with a photo book documenting my first year as a mother. It was so sweet that he took the time to curate a collection of photos of Diego and me.

What would you love to receive this Mother’s Day? 
All I want is this choker by JNB, and for it to say “MAMA”! Also, lunch and drinks at The Whisper Lounge or Bar Verde, and a shopping spree at TOPSHOP (bodysuits and shorts!) sound good to me.

What would an ideal mother-kiddo day at The Grove look like?
Our favorite thing to do is sit by the fountain and watch the water show. Diego always points at it and says “WATAH!!” with the sweetest, most innocent smile. Then we head to Pressed Juicery for our favorite Freeze treat: vanilla almond with warm almond butter drizzled on top.

Elisabeth is the brilliant and effortlessly chic Owner and Co-President of Ladurée. Before standing at the helm of the world’s most delicious empire, the French-born, Manhattan-based mom of twins worked in the fashion industry for such luxury brands as Hermès and Ralph Lauren. 

What’s the most special Mother’s Day gift you’ve received to date?  
For my first Mother’s Day, when I was pregnant with twins, my beloved husband gave me a pink-gold bracelet representing a four-leaf clover, each leaf was heart shaped. It was a symbol of our coming family. My boys are now 8 years old, and I have never taken it off.

What would you love to receive this Mother’s Day?
I will let my husband and boys decide, but I think I will have a homemade breakfast by my boys and lunch at Ladurée, as all our friends come to celebrate Mother’s Day.

What would an ideal mother-kiddo day at The Grove look like?
Breakfast at Ladurée, and spending some time all together at the store with the team, boys in the kitchen with the chefs or in the storage to help. …. Barnes & Noble for the Legos … Oh, and a new pair of sneakers at Nike or Nordstrom. Of course, we finish with a good movie.

What’s the perfect Ladurée Mother’s Day gift for mom?
A pastry class with her kids and our chef.

Yasmine is an L.A.-born-and-raised philanthropist, political activist, mother of four, and all-around inspiration. The Co-President and Co-Founder of Alliance of Moms, a membership-based group working to break the intergenerational cycle of babies born to teens in foster care, Yasmine was named one of our city’s game-changers in Los Angeles Magazine’s “LA Woman” feature. Photo: Katee Grace

What’s the most special Mother’s Day gift you’ve received to date?
Any mom will tell you that there really is nothing sweeter than something your kid has made for you. It doesn’t matter what it is, and it may look like every other project that comes home from school, but there is something about knowing that my child was thinking of me as [his/her] tiny hands created this particular craft that just does me in.

What would you love to receive this Mother’s Day? 
There is a piece of art I am coveting. I better start dropping not-so-subtle hints. (Honey, nothing says Mother’s Day like Hank Willis Thomas’ Ain’t I a Woman.)

Also, a date to Le Labo with my daughters to make perfumes together and an Alliance of Moms “MOTHERLOVER” T-shirt to raise funds and remind all of LA’s teen moms in foster care that there is a whole community of women out there who have their backs.

What would an ideal mother-kiddo day at The Grove look like?
As a native Angeleno, I have grown up without true seasons, so I love bringing my kids to The Grove around any holiday. Whether it is “snow” in December or an explosion of spring flowers around Easter, there is nothing better than taking it all in, grabbing Blue Ribbon sushi, a good kid movie, and, of course, some Ladurée macarons.

Kelly Sawyer Patricof is equal parts super mommy, stylish tastemaker, and Co-President of Baby2Baby, a non-profit organization that provides low-income children ages 0-12 with all the basic necessities that every child deserves. Since its founding, Baby2Baby has transformed from a grassroots organization into a national juggernaut, bettering the lives of 125,000 children last year alone. 

What’s the most special Mother’s Day gift you’ve received to date?
Anything my kids make me I love, and those are always the best keepsakes. But dads, listen up: Get your lady some jewelry too! She deserves it and it goes great with the handmade gift from the kids!

What would you love to receive this Mother’s Day? 
Jennifer Meyer double star stud earrings and the book The Underground Railroad. I’m dying to read it and never have time to go book shopping for myself! As much as I love gifts (and I do love gifts!), there is nothing better than giving back to a mother in need on Mother’s Day. At Baby2Baby we have a Mother’s Day registry where you can purchase an item for a low-income child in honor of Mother’s Day.

What would an ideal mother-kiddo day at The Grove look like?
We always do a movie night and dinner at The Grove. We stop by Barnes & Noble after dinner and the girls each pick out a book, and grab dessert at Sprinkles or Ladurée on the way home.


Emily Current and Meritt Elliott are the founders and creative directors of THE GREAT., creators of the whimsically chic Emily and Merritt collection at Pottery Barn Kids, and the original denim masterminds behind CURRENT/ELLIOTT, among many other ultra-successful joint ventures. The two style authorities also happen to be longtime best friends and fellow mommies.


What’s the most special Mother’s Day gift you’ve received to date?
Wolfe was born in late April, so come Mother’s Day, she was a few weeks old. I remember feeling like the gift of being present with my little miracles was the best. Can’t beat that one!

What would you love to receive this Mother’s Day? 
A Jo Malone candle or room diffuser, a massage gift certificate, and a yummy cashmere robe.

What would an ideal mother-kiddo day at The Grove look like?
We love to sit on the grass and run in circles and watch the fountain show. We often grab a lemonade and buy some books from Barnes & Noble to read. I pop into Nordstrom to look at sunglasses or shoes with my 11-year-old, and sometimes we poke our heads into Pottery Barn Kids for room inspiration!


What’s the most special Mother’s Day gift you’ve received to date?
A little handmade book my 3-year-old daughter made with her teachers at preschool with all the things she loves about me.

What would you love to receive this Mother’s Day? 
A handmade card from the kids, flowers from Bloom & Plume, a Shinola turntable.

What would an ideal mother-kiddo day at The Grove look like?
A ride on the trolley, some time at Barnes & Noble, a balloon from Nordstrom, maybe sushi at Blue Ribbon, and then rose macarons from Ladurée.

Click here to learn about shopping events, offers and special brunches happening this Mother’s Day at The Grove. 

Enter to Win the Billboard Music Awards VIP LA-To-Vegas Sweepstakes for the Ultimate Red Carpet Experience

Coachella has come and gone, but the music scene continues to heat up this spring with the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. Last year’s incredible show featured performances from the likes of Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Celine Dion ft. Lindsey Stirling, DNCE, Fifth Harmony, Justin Bieber, Kesha, Madonna and Stevie Wonder, and Rihanna. This year’s top nominees include Adele, Beyoncé, The Chainsmokers, Drake, and more.

Want to be part of the A-list action? Enter below for your chance to win the Billboard Music Awards VIP LA-to-Vegas Sweepstakes, complete with a styling makeover at The Grove, a two-night stay in Las Vegas, two tickets to the May 21 awards show and after-party, and so much more.

The Billboard Music Awards VIP LA-to-Vegas Sweepstakes includes:
  • Two round-trip flights provided by American Airlines
  • Two VIP tickets to 2017 Billboard Music Awards
  • Two red carpet passes
  • Two passes to the official after-party
  • Two nights’ accommodations
  • $350 credit at the hotel spa
  • $500 spending cash
  • $500 gift card to The Grove
  • Personal styling at TOPSHOP TOPMAN
  • Complimentary beauty makeover at Sephora
  • Free valet parking at The Grove for one day
Approximate retail value: $4,​000

Watch the 2017 Billboard Music Awards Live May 21 8e|5p on ABC.

Breaking: Dominique Ansel to Debut His First Full-Service Restaurant at The Grove This Fall

Dominique Ansel, the James Beard Award-winning pastry chef widely heralded for the invention of the Cronut® among many other Instagram-worthy delights, is making his way from the Empire State to the Golden State, landing here at The Grove this fall.

The final destination for his first-ever full-service restaurant (his sixth and largest to date) comes after three years of scouting the perfect L.A. location. “I am incredibly excited to be opening a full restaurant in Los Angeles for the very first time, and doing so at The Grove,” shared Chef Dominique. “It’s a destination that is in the heart of the local community and welcomes visitors from all over the world just as our own bakeries do.”

For his West Coast debut at The Grove, Chef Dominique; who is also the Chef/Owner of eponymous bakeries in New York City, Tokyo and London; will be developing an entirely new dining concept, also marking his largest project in the world. The yet-to-be-named restaurant will feature all-day seated dining complete with savory fare, a full bar program and creative cocktails, special events, and the debut of his first brunch service.

Days before being hailed the “World’s Best Pastry Chef” as part of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017, Chef Dominique sat down to give us the inside scoop on his highly-anticipated new restaurant.

Why The Grove for your first full-service restaurant?

A few years ago, we launched a one-day pop-up at The Grove, during which 750 people showed up in the pouring rain on a February day starting at 2am. The entire Grove team greeted us and all of our guests with open arms, sending out coffee to warm up the crowd, entertaining the line with live music, really helping us to take care of everyone from the moment they arrived. That stuck with me over all these years.

Tell us something that excites you about setting up shop at The Grove.

The Original Farmers Market is just steps away and was one of the first places I ever visited in L.A., so we’ll have access to beautiful local ingredients right at our doorstep and gain a lot of inspiration for our menus.

What’s on the menu?

I’m excited to develop a full restaurant menu for the very first time, including a bar and cocktail program and our first-ever brunch service. As for the bakery, a large portion of the menu will be dedicated to creations made exclusively for L.A. that aren’t available anywhere else, but you also can expect some of the favorites from New York like the DKA (Dominique’s Kouign Amann), Cookie Shot, Frozen S’mores, baked-to-order mini madeleines, and of course, the Cronut®.

Describe the ambiance of the restaurant.

The restaurant will be two stories, and the dining room will be located on the second floor with seating for 150, including indoor and outdoor terrace seating, along with a private dining room with its own private terrace. The bakery will be located on the first floor with indoor and outdoor café seating for 70.

Dominique Ansel’s first full-service restaurant opens at The Grove this fall. On behalf of the entire Grove team, we could not be more thrilled or honored to welcome him and his fêted culinary creations aboard. 


10 Reasons to Hop Over to The Grove for Easter

Ah, springtime at The Grove: the scent of fresh, artisanal fragrances from Le Labo filling the air; pyramids of pastel-colored macarons and decorative bunnies adorning Ladurée’s windows; and friends cooling off in The Park with Pressed Juicery Freezes in hand.

April has arrived, and with it the spring fever and Easter fun that come just once a year. Whether you’re looking to meet the Bunny or enjoy a delicious holiday brunch, here are 10 reasons to hop on over to The Grove now through Easter Sunday.

Bunny Basket Giveaway
Enter to win one of two adorable Easter “Hare” Packages, one for kids and the other for adults! Enter below or visit our Bunny Bungalow for a chance to take home a deluxe basket filled with our favorite Easter items now available at The Grove.

Bunny Bungalow

Head over to the Bunny Bungalow, now through Easter Sunday, to meet the Easter Bunny and snap a photo in a springtime wonderland. You can pre-book your bunny photos today through our website or on the Caruso app; only walk-ups are accepted Easter weekend. For appointments and pricing, hop over to

Bunny Petting Zoo
Before or after posing with the Easter Bunny, pet some furry real ones in the Bunny Petting Zoo, located near the Bungalow on April 8 (from 2 pm – 5 pm).

Ladurée Boutique and Restaurant Easter Collection
As if the beautiful pastel-colored pastries available year-round weren’t spot-on enough,
Ladurée is now offering its limited-edition selection of delectable chocolate bunnies, eggs and hens, as well as its Charms Garden Easter eight-pack of macarons, all of which make the perfect hostess gifts, children’s basket fillers and Easter-brunch desserts.

Herend USA Bunnies
For an Easter treat without the sugar crash, visit Lucy Zahran & Co. for a beautiful selection of hand-painted Herend porcelain bunnies enhanced by accents of 24K gold.

Pottery Barn Kids Easter Collection
From precious bunny garlands and whimsical centerpieces, to darling Peter Rabbit plate sets and Beatrix Potter tumblers, Pottery Barn Kids overflows this time of year with all the festive décor you need to brighten your at-home celebrations. If you’re looking for the perfect egg hunt accessories, the store also carries all the baskets, buckets and liners your little one needs to up his or her game in style.

Brunch at The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge
On April 16, enjoy delicious brunch offerings like vanilla-bean French toast, pork belly hash and chorizo con huevos burrito, plus bottomless cocktails (peach bellinis, Bloody Marys, and rose-wine coolers) for $20 per person at The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge. Call 323.931.020 for reservations.

Brunch at Maggiano’s Little Italy 
Just in time for spring Saturdays and Sundays, brunch is now served at Maggiano’s Little Italy. Start your weekend days off right with a mouthwatering Italian-American feast, complete with refreshing mimosas and Bloody Marys.

On April 16, the restaurant will open at 10 am so that you can get a head start on your Easter shopping and celebrating.

Sprinkles Cupcakes Hop Box Children and adults alike will love the sugary goodness of Sprinkles’ Easter cupcakes. The HOP box contains an assortment of 12 dark chocolate, red velvet, swirl and carrot cupcakes decorated with green bunnies, and sealed with a “HOP for Cupcakes” sticker.

See’s Candies Special Offer
When stocking up on hostess gifts and basket goodies, visit See’s Candies for $5 off $30.* The confectionery specialists are now offering everything from chocolate bunnies and hand-decorated eggs (including its delicious Rocky Road Egg made with honey marshmallow, walnuts and smooth milk chocolate!), to its Easter Greetings Box, featuring milk and dark favorites, plus two seasonal white chocolate truffles.

To redeem offer, show the barcode above from your mobile device.

Bunny Bonus: The Snapbot Has Landed at The Grove! 
Purchase a pair of Spectacles at the Snapchat vending machine near the fountain so that you can experience Eastertime at The Grove through a whole new, interactive lens. Want to test drive a pair for free? Visit our Concierge desk to learn how.

Enter here:

*Valid only at See’s Candies shops. Not valid online. Requires a minimum purchase of $30. One coupon per purchase. Product price, excluding tax, used to calculate eligibility. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Cannot be used to purchase See’s gift cards. No cash value. All rights reserved. Valid 3/20-4/16.

How to Master Date-Night Style from Head to Toe


After tossing ideas back and forth all week, the two of you have finally agreed on the perfect Saturday night date: a delicious sushi dinner followed by an award-nominated movie (after all, there are only a few days left until Oscar night). Cue the next dilemma: figuring out what to wear.

Landing on something that’s not too sexy yet still flattering and a little unexpected can be tricky to accomplish especially if date-night butterflies are getting the best of you.

Start with something that is true to your personal style, then amp it up slightly. Sleek (and super comfortable) jeans from Madewell are a great foundation for any look. Plus, with the wide array of fits for every body type, you can easily go from boot cut to cropped skinny, setting the tone for the rest of the outfit.

A chic button-down blouse isn’t bulky or too revealing and the neckline leaves room for some great accessories. Try something versatile like the essential sheer-cotton and silk shirt from Equipment for a rich and beautiful print in a slightly sexy and revealing fabric.

On top, a motorcycle-style topper is always classic and keeps you warm without looking bulky. The structure and clean lines of the jacket also make an entire look feel pulled together and polished, but with the right amount of edge.

As for accessories, don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Try a statement ankle bootie in order to punctuate your timeless look with something a little trendy, as well as a cool studded leather messenger that exudes self-confidence and personality.

The end result is classic, edgy but feminine. Plus, you can always punch it up with pops of color and extra accessories to better suit your personal style. Because, after all, no one wants to be uncomfortable during date night, so focus on fashion that really makes your personality shine.

For the ultimate date night, The Grove is now offering its “For Your Consideration” Date Night package, complete with a three-course dinner at your favorite dining destinations like Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill and Ladurée Boutique and Restaurant, an award-nominated movie for two and valet parking. Packages must be sold in pairs. To purchase, call 323.900.8080 or visit

High-Rise Skinny Jeans Button-Through Edition, Madewell, $135; Equipment Signature Slim in Lighting Bolt, Nordstrom, $214; Suede Biker Jacket in Rust, TOPSHOP TOPMAN, $360; Billie Boot, Madewell, $228; Midnighter Large Messenger, Rebecca Minkoff Pop-Up Shop, $345.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Style at The Grove

Love is in the air at The Grove! Whether you’re dining with your valentine or shopping with your galentines, The Grove has something for everyone to love.

Here are the can’t-miss events and offers to fall for this Valentine’s Day.


American Girl Place: Hearts and Hugs Date with Dad
Dads, have an extra-sweet outing with your little valentine! On February 10, you and your little valentine can savor a delicious meal at the American Girl Café and make new memories both of you will cherish. Your together-time will fly by with a fun dice game, a make-your-own “memory board” craft, and lots of conversation. Plus, you’ll get a spiral book to record the best moments of your daddy/daughter outing, as well as a picture frame. $36 per person (Please note, prepaid event reservations are non-exchangeable and non-refundable), Reservations required, For girls ages 8 and up. Please call 877-247-5223 for reservations.

The Art of Finding Love: Michel Kalish Installation
Snap a selfie of you and your valentine near “The Art of Finding Love” interactive exhibit from renowned artist and designer Michael Kalish. The 20’ interactive sculpture will be in The Park, from February 8 through February 14, before embarking on a nationwide tour of public venues throughout the year.

Artisanal LA Valentine’s Day Fair
On February 11, Artisanal LA comes to The Grove! Head over to The Park to shop hard-to-find, locally made goods for you and your valentine, including handmade soy-wax and beeswax candles from Piece by Paz, gorgeous jewels from Katie Dean, skincare from Bonblissity, industrial and vintage-inspired home goods from Lincoln + Hobbs, and more.
Date Night at The Grove
Enjoy an award-nominated film and a romantic three-course dinner at a handful of fine dining destinations at The Grove for just $30, now through February 26. Complimentary valet parking is also included. And here’s the best part: The Grove’s Concierge Services is here to help plan the perfect evening, so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your evening. To purchase, call 323.900.8080 or visit


Some of your favorite restaurants at The Grove are serving up special Valentine’s Day menus for a romantic meal the two of you won’t soon forget:

Bar Verde at Nordstrom: See special Valentine’s Day menu here.

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill: See special Valentine’s Day menu here.

Ladurée Boutique and Restaurant: See special Valentine’s Day menu here.

La Piazza: See special Valentine’s Day menu here.

The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge: See special Valentine’s Day menu here.


On February 11 and 12, you’re invited to enjoy a pampering skincare treatment with a Fresh Alchemist and receive a deluxe sample tailored to your needs. Plus, for pre-booed RSVPs, enjoy light fare and champagne.

Through February 12: Enjoy 30% off when you spend $150+, or 25% off your purchase.

Ladurée Boutique and Restaurant
This Valentine’s Day, Ladurée celebrates love, friendship and hearts that look good enough to eat. On February 14, send your sweetheart a Love Letters Gift Box ($28), eight assorted macarons each decorated with a heart, in a box that lets you record your own personal love letter.

Lucy Zahran & Co.
Surprise your valentine with an enduring keepsake that he or she will treasure for decades to come. In addition to timeless and beautiful crystal from Baccarat and Lalique, Lucy Zahran & Co. is now offering Halcyon Days’ 2017 St. Valentine’s Day Box, the 43rd edition in its series of handcrafted enamel boxes, all of which celebrate this romantic holiday.

Pressed Juicery
This Valentine’s Day season, share the health by sending a complimentary mini 2 oz. juice gram to your BFF, your crush or anyone you care about. Simply visit here and have a juice gram ready for pick up at Pressed Juicery at The Grove. Spoiler alert: when you send one, you’ll receive one, too! Choose your favorite: Red (Roots 3) for love, Yellow (Citrus 2) for friendship or Pink (our new Strawberry Almond) for joy. Offer valid now through February 14, 2017.

See’s Candies
Limited time only! Print this coupon or show us the barcode from your mobile device to redeem. *Valid only at See’s Candies shops. Not valid online. Requires a minimum purchase of $30. One coupon per purchase. Product price, excluding tax, used to calculate eligibility. Cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Cannot be used to purchase See’s gift cards. No cash value. All rights reserved. Valid 1/29/17-2/14/17.

Design your own message on a dozen cupcakes or select from adorable preset options like BE MINE, I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY and MARRY ME. Also, enjoy a chocolate chip-studded Belgian dark chocolate cake topped with luscious raspberry frosting and adorned with a pink heart.

Receive an exclusive pair of Crystalized Heart Shaped Earbuds with any purchase of $200+. Restrictions apply. Please see store for details.

Get Your Love a Gift Perfectly Suited to Your Relationship


Stumped on what to get your valentine? Consider this: The duration of time you have been together has a lot to do with how personal and possibly sizeable the gift is.

This Valentine’s Day, show the person you love that you really get him/her by selecting a thoughtful present that speaks to your relationship and what really makes it special.


You have only just started dating and want to give your valentine a token of affection without coming on too strong.

Heart-Shaped Macarons Filled with Ginger Cream from Ladurée Boutique and Restaurant ($28): This Valentine’s Day, Ladurée celebrates love, friendship and hearts that look good enough to eat. Send your sweetheart a Love Letters Gift Box, eight assorted macarons each decorated with a heart, in a box that lets you record your own personal love letter.

Candle from Piece by Paz ($30): A welcome addition to any home, this long-lasting, beautifully scented candle will remind your valentine how loved he/she is every time it is lit. Available during The Grove’s Artisanal LA Valentine’s Day Fair on February 11.


The honeymoon phase has been said to last between 6 months to 2 years. At this point, you know the person well and you’re not afraid to show it.

Coach Women’s Icon Moto Jacket ($1,250): Versatile and built to last, this must-have only gets better with love.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose ($65): A seductive, floral blend that you will both love each time she wears. 


Your love has stood the test of time (three, 13 or 30 years, perhaps?) and there is a beautiful level of comfort in knowing each other so well.

Baccarat Crystal Glasses from Lucy Zahran & Co. (Call for pricing at 323.933.3166): For beautiful gatherings at home and heirlooms to pass down to kids and grandkids.

Shinola Elongated Signet Ring ($1,900): A sturdy and colorful symbol of your love that she will never want to take off.

No matter what you decide to get your valentine, don’t forget the most important gift of all: time well spent together! For that, The Grove is now offering the perfect Date Night package, complete with a three-course dinner at your favorite dining destinations like Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill and Ladurée Boutique and Restaurant, an award-nominated movie for two and valet parking. To purchase, call 323.900.8080 or visit


Awards Season is Upon Us: Here’s How to Plan an Epic Viewing Party











Whether you live in the heart of Los Angeles or elsewhere in the country, chances are you will catch one, if not several, of the exciting and glamorous entertainment awards shows.

Between the Screen Actors Guild Awards on January 29, Grammys on February 12 and Oscars on February 26, there’s no shortage of star power and amazing style fueling each show. Each red carpet in and of itself will be an epic event, studded with such megawatt stars as Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Natalie Portman and Meryl Streep. And the events are made even brighter when watching with good friends and great food.

To pull together a memorable viewing party, start with a mouthwatering food spread. Sushi
and appetizers from Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill make the perfect finger foods for guests to munch on while watching. To add a touch of award-winning style to the spread, serve the sushi on a shiny, hammered metal tray, like those currently found at Crate & Barrel.

For even heartier fare, tap Wood Ranch BBQ and Grill, and The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge for everything from filet mignon skewers and artisan cheese platters, to very shareable flatbreads.

And, of course, nothing mirrors the opulence of such an event quite like the Parisian confections from Ladurée, especially when served up on metallic-lace dinnerware, like that currently offered at Anthropologie.

For added glitz and glamour, the Star Cluster glassware, also from Anthropologie, is festooned with a smattering of metallic stars to mirror the other metallic elements in your décor. Use the Star Cluster coupes to serve champagne, and the flutes and stemless wine glasses for cocktails and wine. For those extra-special touches, opt for gilded serving utensils, such as the horn inlay serving set and oxidized brass coaster set, both from Anthropologie.

Gather a few loose yet lovely bunches of all-white peonies, then place them in the Goldshine vase from Anthropologie. The gold and silver touches will shine through the evening, while your party goes down as one of the most festive and effortlessly glamorous awards show parties in recent memory.