Fashion Advice from Melissa Magsaysay: Grad Gifts


Graduation time is upon us, and a new class of talented, confident and optimistic young adults is moving onto the next level of life. Be that grad school bound or setting out into the working world and a first apartment, the lessons they’ve learned at a desk or through internship experiences are only heightened and made greater by some life “essentials” that you can supply them with for this exciting journey ahead.

Getting dressed for a first job can be downright daunting. Giving your grad a chic work-ready bag that fits a laptop, lets him or her tote around everything needed for the workday and commuting in a presentable style.

A pair of versatile black heels for a lady or black wingtips for a guy are bound to get plenty of use in an office environment. For casual Fridays or for the grad school student, sensible and stylish flats or suede lace-up boots will become a definite wardrobe staple.

Keeping them organized is just as important as how they’re dressed. A timeless sterling silver business card holder with their initials engraved still holds a practical, if not sentimental, place among the tech-savvy set, and a money clip also can be engraved with a graduation date as a token to be displayed if not used daily.

Graduation is also the right occasion for giving meaningful jewelry. Think about classic stones, such as diamonds or pearls, and pieces they can wear daily to remember their recent accomplishment or perhaps even stir up fond memories of home.

From the practical to the precious, this occasion marks the start of many amazing adventures to come. Commemorate it and celebrate your grad with gifts that show you care.


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Fashion Advice from Melissa Magsaysay:
Summer Style


Summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy all of the amazing perks that Southern California has to offer.

From sun soaked hikes to long days spent at the beach, the outdoors are calling and the right active wardrobe and accessories, that are as stylish as they are practical, can help kick off the season with a bang.

When it comes to athleisure and a workout-ready wardrobe, Beyonce’s new Ivy Park line works whether doing some outdoor shopping or going on a neighborhood stroll. It has the same edgy, street aesthetic that the pop icon is known for and raises the bar on what’s possible with comfortable, casual clothing.

For brightening up those basic black leggings and tank tops, Nike and The Gap have a vast array of colorful, graphic print options that make switching out or mixing up basic staples easy and inspired for summer activities. Try mixing up your florals and patterns with your fitness clothes. It’s a bold move, but just like in fashion, playing with prints can be fun, plus make for an outfit that moves beyond your workout.

Sneakers are also an easy way to inject some summer-ready vibes into your outdoor wardrobe. There are endless options of bold brights, floral or animal print styles that transition seamlessly from the studio to the street, plus liven up a post-workout look of jeans and a T-shirt.

And while outdoors working out or simply enjoying the season, sun protection that’s sweat proof and effective is easy to come by when it’s packaged as a portable stick with a sport-ready formula.

While sun block helps beat the heat from the outside, try keeping cool from the inside as well, with a chilled concoction from Pressed Juicery. The delicious juices are as refreshing as they are delicious and make summer snacking lighter and healthier.

From brightening up an active summer wardrobe to finding the right sun protection and cool, edgy sneakers, kicking off summer has never been easier or more stylish.

Inspired to get in shape? Join us for We Run the Grove on June 12. Register here.


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Fashion Advice from Melissa Magsaysay: ’70s Style


The decade that brought us disco always delivers as a constant style inspiration for designers. This spring, it’s feeling fresher than ever.

Fashion is full of tropes that can easily feel tired. Take the 1970s, for example. We’ve seen it plenty of times in seasons past and, in fact, in Southern California, it could be considered a perennial look.

For spring and summer, designers are still mining the decade, but this time in a manner that’s more modern, effortless and laid back than ever before. Consider a Jane-Birkin-on-summer-holiday-in-St-Tropez sort of aesthetic rather than the contrived maxi dress and wedge sandal ensemble.

Now the trend is understated and even minimal, which means sleek off-the-shoulder tops and dresses (and necklines in general), wide leg pants, lace-up leather sandals and a solid, neutral color palette that reflects the most ideal notions of summer: the ocean, the sand and a cool and stylish get-a-way.

“Channeling the ease and femininity that the ‘70s represents, while looking modern and refined, was the starting point for our off-the-shoulder tunics for spring,” says Amy Smilovic, founder and creative director of Tibi, the brand that has arguably propelled the off-the-shoulder trend forward.

Getting the look is as effortless as it appears.

Here are the key items for this updated ‘70s redux, plus how to wear and where to get them.



Why We Love It: The block or stack heel is all the rage right now – and on top, it’s all about the lace-up leather tie. The details are reminiscent of the late ‘60s/early ‘70s and provide an instant update to even a t-shirt and high-waist jeans.

How to Wear It: Let the lace-up sandals be the statement accessory. The crisscross detail can get busy, so it’s best to keep everything up top sleek and minimal. The sandals tend to look the most summery in a brown suede, but try a bold color for maximum impact.



Why We Love It: Why not celebrate the shoulder? It’s a sexy area on just about everyone and feels easy and on point for warmer weather.

How to Wear It: Just like you would any other blouse or top. The neckline on anything from a top to a dress is the main trend and injects a breezy ‘70s vibe into any look.



Why We Love it: So long skinny! Cropped, wide leg, flare and boot cut are back, and the play on proportion is what we’ve been longing for as a welcome wardrobe update.

How to Wear It: Since the bottom is more voluminous, keep tops tighter in fit and tucked into the waist if possible. With all the cool cropped pant styles, it’s also time to let shoes stand out.



Why We Love It: They’re a continuation of the celebration of the shoulder area as they elongate the neck and punctuate spring’s neckline perfectly.

How to Wear It: Basically just replace all those long swingy necklaces and layered chains with a closer-to-the-skin choker. Try a leather cord with charm pendant for a more laid back look or a chic gold version for something more dressed up.”


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Fashion Advice from Melissa Magsaysay: Scarves

Neck scarves are nothing new to fashion, but after decades of serving both a stylish and practical purpose, the delicate and often colorful accessory is having a bigger moment than ever.

The ubiquity of the scarf has mostly to do with fashion’s continuing celebration of the shoulder and neck area – just think about all of the off-the-shoulder blouses and choker necklaces that emphasize the specific region of the body. Plus, the easygoing 1970s vibe of clothing this spring is perfectly punctuated with the polished look of silk neck scarf tied close to the skin.

But prim and proper isn’t the only way to wear a neck scarf. The trend ranges from casual and practical to sexy rock and roll. And styles from florals to plaids and even bold geometrics can add a playful accent to any ensemble.

“There are a million ways to style and tie a neck scarf,” says celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson on cinema box app. “My favorite way to wear it is to twist a really old-school traditional red bandana and do a lower tie in the front pairing it with a white button up or tee and a blazer or leather jacket.”

Consider how many ways we’re seeing the neck scarf worn. Saint Laurent did them long and loose last spring, seen as a skinny strip of fabric that could have been confused for a creative take on a necktie. For fall, Tory Burch tied them in a preppy manner to embellish her equestrian-themed collection. Scarves also were peppered all over the Chloe fall runway, seen as a more literal ‘70s style accessory to pair with the floaty, luxe boho look of the clothes.

When deciding how to wear your neck scarf this cinemabox season, plus when showing mom how to wear the new one you might be getting her for Mother’s Day, the process doesn’t need to be daunting. The accessory is best pulled off with confidence and also taking into consideration the look and attitude you’re trying to pull off.


This style works with both long and short rectangular scarves. Shorter scarves can be loosely wrapped around the neck just once and tied slightly to the side. Longer scarves can go around the neck twice for a bit more drama, with tails that hang lower and a knot that’s a little looser. It’s a subtle but effective accessory and works with anything from a t-shirt and jeans to a structured day dress.

Call it the look that Saint Laurent started. The non-chalantly draped skinny scarf evokes a ‘70s rocker vibe and looks best with a button-down shirt or any blouse with a V- or wrap-neck as it emphasizes the plunging line.

Not just for the Wild West, the bandana style tie is also a great way to mix up prints and patterns. Simply take a square scarf and fold it diagonally into a triangle. Tie each end around the back of the neck and let the front cover most of the collarbone area.


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Everything’s Coming Up Roses


Roses are blooming well beyond the garden this spring with a robust selection of beauty products that are infused, scented and inspired by the intoxicating flower.  And what more appropriate gift to give mom than products that carry out the same scent as her favorite flower or perfectly accompany the bouquet you’ll be giving her as well.

Roses are clearly pretty to look at and even lovelier to receive, but there are also plenty of wellness and anti-aging properties possessed by roses that make them so desirable to include as a main ingredient in creams, serums, scents and face sprays, all benefits mom is sure to appreciate.

“There are thousands of species of roses, and each is unique offering different skin benefits,” says Peter Thomas Roth, founder of Peter Thomas Roth skincare. “We use a combination of engineered plant rose stem cells, oils, and extracts that provide a range of benefits including addressing fine lines and wrinkles, moisturization, resurfacing, toning and brightening.” 

And then there’s that smell, which along with the other beneficial properties, makes rose-based beauty products a no brainer for looking gorgeous and also enjoying the process of spraying and applying them.

Case in point: Fresh has a great selection of rose-scented items that are subtle and effective. The Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment is particularly lovely, with a sheer rose-colored tint and a bonus of SPF 15. Create your own rose-themed at-home spa with Jo Malone’s cult-favorite, Red Roses Bath Oil, accompanied by the equally popular Diptyque Roses candle. For real rose fans, a layer of REN’s Moroccan Rose Otto Ultra-Moisture Body Oil will carry the scent and hydration even further.

Throw some pretty packaging into the mix and your bathroom counter and vanity are singing strong signs of spring with these hydrating and luxurious products that beautify your space as much as your skin and body.


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Thank Mom In Style

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 4.07.10 PM


Mother’s Day is a special occasion to honor, celebrate and gift the woman in our life who provides unconditional love, support and guidance.  She’s a role model, a friend and, to many sons and daughters, an inspiration.  It’s a day that I cherish not only as a mother myself, but as a daughter who views her own mother as a real-life super hero.

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been my closest confidant.  She is my sounding board, 24/7 voice of reason and person who gives me confidence to rise above any challenge in my path.  And, undoubtedly, my mother is also my fashion icon and style counsel.

My mom taught me that true style could never be bought.  Whether casual or formal, what you wear is another way to express how you feel on the inside.  There is no right or wrong as long as it’s authentic to you.  After all these years, I am still amazed by the woman who continues to be the best-dressed person in the room.  Always.

Inspired by my own gift shopping, this Mother’s Day try hitting the top trends of the season (we assure you, mom will appreciate it) to brighten her spring and get her started on a stylish foot.  A gift of white heels with the most feminine of latticework detail is a versatile statement shoe.  She can wear them through summer with dresses, skirts or wide leg pants, which are also a huge fashion trend at the moment.

Also, capture the romantic vibe of spring in mom’s gift by giving her a soft, floral print blouse that pairs with pretty much everything. Add some rose-scented lip balm and a completely versatile makeup palette that she can store in her bag and take on her travels, and you’ve created a covetable custom gift set to celebrate mom.

Here are more ideas that capture the latest trends in style and beauty, and that are also sure to capture her heart.

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Contributing Editor and Lifestyle Expert for The Grove and The Americana at Brand

Spring has officially sprung and with the new season brings exciting change. One we’re especially excited about is the addition of Melissa Magsaysay, multi-media journalist, stylist and author, who has joined us as contributing editor and lifestyle expert for The Grove and The Americana at Brand.

Melissa is a regular contributor to Los Angeles Times, The Hollywood Reporter, Glamour, C Magazine, WWD and Harpers Bazaar. She is also a regular on-air style expert to Access Hollywood, KTLA Morning News and has appeared on national morning shows as well. Check out her broadcast reel here. Her best-selling book, “City of Style: Exploring Los Angeles Fashion Bohemian to Rock,” was released in May 2012.

Covering everything from red carpets to runways, starting April 19th, Melissa will utilize her celebrated sense of style to share weekly tips, tricks and insights about fashion, beauty, dining and entertaining with you via email. Her articles also will live on The Grove and The Americana at Brand websites.

Here, Melissa gives us a bit more insight into her world, in her own words.

I have always wanted to be involved in fashion. I had subscriptions to Vogue, W and Sassy magazines starting at 12 years old. I would flip through all of them (often two or three times) and trace the models’ clothes and tear photos out and tape them all over my walls. I loved the colors, the patterns, the models and seeing the nuances of different looks and trends. I was hooked. As I got older, I volunteered to be involved in any and all fashion-related activities such as coordinating the high school fashion show event by Showbox, designing costumes for my high school play and joining the Nordstrom Fashion Board. I studied English and writing in college. After graduation, I quickly got to work interning at magazines and assisting stylists in New York City.

Now, I love that I get to combine my love of visuals, fashion and writing across a few platforms, namely print, digital, books and television.

To me, perfect means clothes that make you feel confident and effortless. If I spend the day noticing my clothes, then it’s a sign it’s too much or that my outfit might be wearing me rather than the other way around.

My go-to look is usually a tailored button down shirt tucked into high waist, cropped jeans. Either vintage-style loafers (current favorites are my classic black Gucci slip-ons with gold horse-bit detail or perfectly worn-in brown leather loafers I picked up in Buenos Aires and of which I wish I had bought 10 pairs!) I rarely change out my gold jewelry and generally have a pair of Celine, Prada or Garrett Leight sunglasses with or on me.

CarusoAffiliated_MelissaMagsaysay_Intro_BarneysI love uniform dressing, but not to the degree that it takes the fun or imagination out of fashion. Having a general template of pieces in a silhouette that suits your body, attitude and environment, and playing within that realm, is a great start to creating your own “perfect” look.

How much time do we have?! No, really though, I think like many people who visit each property, every experience is different and that’s especially fun if you have young kids like I do. My son loves the trolley but is always pointing out and discovering new things each time. I personally love shopping at Madewell for everyday essentials; Barneys New York for, well, everything; J. Crew for the family and me; Under Armour and Nike for working out; Apple for office must-haves and Nordstrom (particularly the revamped beauty counters) to satiate my inner beauty junkie.

CarusoAffiliated_MelissaMagsaysay_Intro_SushiAs for restaurants, Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill is a current favorite, not just at The Grove, but in all of Los Angeles. It not only has mouth-watering sushi, but the fried chicken with wasabi honey is up there with my other vice, chocolate. The Whisper Restaurant and Lounge is perfect for a girls’ night or post-movie glass of wine. It’s such a great spot. And, over at The Americana at Brand, Bourbon Steak is my go-to for lunch. It has a fantastic menu and the setting is beautiful. And, of course, there’s Din Tai Fung. The best dumplings on the planet! What could be better than shopping followed by its dumplings? Yum.

Love Starts Here: The Grove 2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide


Find all the gifts guaranteed to get their hearts racing. This Happy Valentine’s Day, all signs point to stylish, thoughtful and swoon worthy items that make a day about love that much sweeter.


Prices and availability subject to change.

The Grove 2015 Holiday Gift Guide


her Grove_HolidayGiftGuide_Him_BlogTab_200x50_v1_120115 Grove_HolidayGiftGuide_Kids_BlogTab_200x50_v1_120115


Happy new year images

It’s the most festive time of the  new year 2016 when holiday parties abound as well as the anxiety of finding the perfect gift. We’ve compiled a range of chic clothing and accessories and must-have beauty products for you or your best girl. We’ve got Chloe’s Hudson Mini Shoulder Bag which is the perfect statement piece to transition to spring. Honest Beauty’s Truly Kissable Lip Crayon, which works well for day and night – perfect for the post-work holiday party. Below, these ideas plus 10 more to give (and receive) this holiday season.


What do you get for the stylish man in your life who has everything? The classic Gucci Damo Driving Loafer is the perfect luxe gift. A Chemex Moviebox for iPhone the budding barista in your family or Tovolo® Ice Molds for the whiskey lover. Check out our other picks below. If You want Few mor Products you can mail us by using


The holidays are here, and that means the California air gets a little crisper. Keep those kiddies warm with stylish gifts like the adorable Happy Face Pom-Pom Beanie and the Janie and Jack Sweater Slipper. For the creative kids, Seedling and Pottery Barn have great Showbox apk build-your-own toys!

*Prices and availability subject to change.

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Join Melissa Magsaysay for How To Work It: The Art of Being a Mom and a Businesswoman


Guest blogger: Melissa Magsaysay

On Tuesday evening at Barneys New York at The Grove, a panel of truly amazing and wonderfully accomplished women will join me in conversation about babies, starting a business and of course, all things style and beauty.

Since becoming a mother and conversing about life, work, family and that ever present juggle that women handle (with grace) on a daily basis, it became apparent to me that in today’s world we are pulled in so many directions (plus, always plugged in) to the extent where it can make us a bit frazzled, never mind trying to remain present for our kids, be a boss at work and look on point for our love of style and fashion.

No longer is “mom” a descriptor for dowdy or non-stylish…it’s quite the opposite actually. Modern women are so multi-faceted and seamlessly blend their pre-baby lives with their post, while retaining their love of doing and creating everything that makes them feel great.

Join me November 3 from 7-9 pm at Barneys New York at The Grove to listen to a candid panel discussion between some great women who have started their families and a business within the fashion, tech and lifestyle space, pretty much at all the same time.

They will open up about their successes, challenges, wins and losses and ultimately provide an inspiring perspective for all women (those with AND without kids!) about being a female entrepreneur and starting or growing a business while also balancing your personal life, in today’s world.

Click here for more details on How to Work It: The Art of Being a Mom and a Businesswoman.